And this is where I fell in love with Boobs Legsly:

I can’t help it. How cute is she? She’s very cute here. I can’t resist what looks like legitimate glee.  Also, red lipstick. I can’t believe the people at Chanel aren’t embracing her as the face of — what am I talking about? I can totally believe it. She’s adorable, but she is not who I think of as the prototypical Chanel consumer, although I think her ad is actually kind of great.

I know this is kind of goofy — like, a Sophisticated St. Pauli Girl, with an extra helping of Bra — and yet I like it.

Although you should probably bear in mind that I was a St. Pauli Girl for Halloween for like three years in a row, and therefore might have a beer-soaked positive bias toward this kind of thing.