Anna Kendrick is at the British Television Academy Awards for…reasons? I think she’s technically there because she’s a likeable celebrity who is also currently in the new Justin Timberlake video, as he was also present and accounted for at this event, but she’s not, last I checked, a British Television Personality. Right? I got really busy with the Met Gala, so it’s possible I missed something. Regardless, I really like Anna Kendrick, so I personally don’t care – and if she chooses to get a role on a British TV show, I will FULLY watch it — but these things are amusing to me. (JT presenting at the British Television Academy Awards is even more amusing, as he is not even TV-adjacent — unless you count SNL, on which, in fairness, he is excellent.) Any excuse to trot this out, though:

I love it. I feel like this is one of the first times she’s worn something that’s both fashionably weird (in a positive way) and which doesn’t overwhelm her. It’s just shiny and tactile and funky and good. Bonus points for those shoes, which, seriously…I might need to be mine. They are Jimmy Choo, and $750, so they might just end up being mine only on, like, the astral plane, but, still. Sigh.

[Photo: Getty]