I’m sure a small part of Cobie was like, “Really? I have my umpteenth Captain America screening on the same night as the last How I Met Your Mother?” And then the rest of her probably thought it was best not to dwell, and spent the evening encouraging her man Taran Killam to make Jebediah review it on Weekend Update.

Here is what she wore first, to promote HIMYM on Letterman:

She looks really nice in that Lhuillier — it’s funky and classic all at the same time. So, a little Robin Scherbatzky, and a little Robin Sparkles, rolled up into a dreamy burrito.

Presumably after she did the taping, she had to make a quick change, because this is how she exited the building:

I kind of love how that looks with the coat over it — very, “All right, ONE photo, and then I simply MUST dash. I’m meeting my lover at the opera.” She would say lover, and mean it, and she’d also have personalized opera glasses in her clutch.

This is the dress without the coat, at the Look At Me; I Am The Captain America Now premiere:

I couldn’t find one in our subs where she was standing fully frontal without her legs crossed, which I think makes it look goofier than it otherwise should. Despite the giant blue Hot Wheels track stapled to her waist, I think — judging from both the above pictures — that I quite like it. All the different lengths somehow work together to make it an interesting shape, and the minimalist shoe is elegant without being distracting. But I do have my moments of pause about the peplum, and her NAB situation, and whether her lipstick is too daytime. I am nothing if not indecisive today.

Press PLAY on my moment of pause:

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