I feel for Selma Blair. She had a baby like one second ago, and now she’s back on the red carpet with everyone speculating about how much of the baby weight she’s managed to drop — including the photogs taking a shot of her belly, which I am not going to include in this slideshow because I think it’s rude. Dudes, she just had a baby. Step off the belly shots. Although, frankly, my feeling is that the ONLY time you take a picture of a woman’s belly is when you have been invited to do so, either as part of a pregnancy photoshoot, or because someone has come up to you and said, “DUDE. I’ve been working out like a LUNATIC for MONTHS. TAKE A PICTURE OF MY ABS FOR POSTERITY PLEASE.”

This time, though, she’s possibly been shopping for months, so at least she’s got pictures of THAT taken for posterity.

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