Tis the season that the only celeb shots we’re seeing lately are of folks heading out to do their holiday shopping. Like Ali Larter leaving Barneys, here:

I look JUST LIKE THIS when I run out to take care of last minute gifts, if by “just like this,” you mean “100% more bedraggled.” This whole look is really cute, and I say that as someone who has severe reservations about over-the-knee boots. That being said, that particular Barneys is the place where I once saw Kyle Chandler waiting for the valet (it was the night before the Emmys, the year he won; I like to think I was good luck, which seems like a thing that could easily be true). If you’re liable to run into Coach Taylor, I don’t care if you’re married or not — you’re probably right to make sure you bring it. Just in case.

[Photo: PacCoastNews]

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