I didn’t expect any new content to come out of the weekend, but on a whim I looked anyway, and lo! Sarah Sutherland, daughter of Kiefer and featured actor on Veep, popped by… somewhere… in jeans that don’t make sense! She looks like she went wading in a vat of indigo dye! And then chopped off her hems and did some other weird fraying! I keep thinking she’s wearing boots, but no! They’re not boot cut, but Faux-Boot cut! Thank you for more unnecessary innovations, 2020!

Bella Hadid turned up, as well, re-wearing some Playboy pants we first saw in July. I thought I covered these at the time, but now can’t find them, so behold:

Celebrity Sightings In New York City - December 23, 2020

That familiar black speckled notebook against the preppy sweater is amusing to me. From the waist up, she’s practically auditioning for Gossip Girl, as if to prove she can look like a person wandering to her next class while in danger of her phone sliding out of her grip and onto the cold sidewalk. Her lower half looks… well, honestly, possibly also like she’s auditioning for Gossip Girl, but to play a girl who blew her allowance on Etsy. Overall she looks cute, and I suppose there is something whimsical about making an item of clothing out of a magazine built on nudity, but… let’s be real, I’d personally rather invest in pants that paid homage to, say, Scientific American. Or Sassy. WHERE ARE MY SASSY PANTS, I ASK YOU?

[Photos: Shutterstock]