The shows we caught up on yesterday were, by and large, a bit more practical-seeming. Dion Lee is a real tonal shift. The show supposedly focused on “riffs on second skin”:

“My last collection was really looking at patterns in nature and this idea of biomimicry, so it shifted from that leaf and nature motif into something that was more reptilian,” Lee said backstage.

He manipulated the idea with lots of intriguing fabrication plays on scales. For instance, sexy fishnet bodywear, artisanal crochet and mesh layers with hints of sharp tailoring and plenty of signature leather harness dressing, updated with interlocking “scale eyeleting” diamond hardware. There were also reptilian etched, “peeling” leather styles from head to toe; snake dyed Shibori and distressed denim that riffed on the theme.

Well, at least I look at the show and see this in some of it, so… yay for execution on an idea?

[Photos: Launchmetrics Spotlight SM]