It’s not like 2018 was the first anyone had heard of Christian Siriano, obviously, nor the first time his work was heavily admired. But as we went through making pulls for our various best and worst lists, his name came up over and over and over again — certainly, this seems to have been a very busy year for him. Consider this: The above slideshow doesn’t even include the women he dressed on Oscar night, of whom there were a whopping 17 who got their own slideshow already back in March:

You can click into that anywhere and revisit those. I don’t have statistics, obviously, but I can’t remember any designer having THAT busy a single night in a while. Maybe Versace? But seventeen is an enormous amount, to me. I keep saying it in the voice of Fraulein Maria: “Seven children?!?”

In addition to being a prolific year, it was also one that either cemented or furthered Christian’s reputation for being willing and able — in a way that should be normal in his industry, but isn’t — to dress women of all shapes and sizes, and in a way that shows thought and care. How good was the output, overall? Well, everyone has duds here and there; let’s take a look and discuss it.

[Photos:, WENN, Red/Shutterstock]