You guys. I am loving — LOVING — that Parker Posey has clearly just decided, “you know what? I’m not interested in waiting thirty years to be a Wacky Old Lady. I am fast-forwarding right into Noted Kook Territory now and I don’t care who likes it.”

This is the only acceptable explanation for why she is wearing the unholy off-spring of a graduation gown and a onesie, and I’m hanging onto it. Yes, I was vaguely concerned about this when I thought it was just a Funereal Wine Sack, but…you know how it goes. Sometimes you just want to wear something billowy and grim. These things happen. Sometimes you wake up and think you cannot bear a waistline and also we’re all going to die eventually, so why bother with color? I could deal with Sad Caftan. (Saftan?) Especially on Posey, who is quirky and I wouldn’t want her to be anything else. REMEMBER THE TURBAN? That was awesome.

But oh, Parker! My Parker! It’s pants:


You’re right. Nothing! Carry on!

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