First of all, I’d like to note that (as I always note when I write about her) I love Kat Graham:

We got to chat with her last night while we were on the scene for Cosmo, and she was super nice and really charming (which has always been our experience with her in person; at one point, while she was waiting for another interview, she popped back over to hang out with us and said, “I’m just going to keep talking to you about shopping.” BE OUR FRIEND, KAT GRAHAM). So, we ended up having this whole convo with her about how she stalks vintage clothes that she wants on the internet. She is apparently a real collector, which I respect as a…well, I am more of a hoarder. Details! But, for example, she told us that she just got a piece from the final collection that Galliano did for Dior, but she’s saving it for “a major moment,” so keep an eye out.  To that end, this is one of the aforementioned stalked vintage items, and, real talk: I think it’s really good for this event. It’s unusual and youthful and bright and kicky, which is basically the platonic ideal for the VMAs. Bonus points for not being sheer. Or BORING.


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