I have the hardest time taking Paula Patton seriously, and I realized it’s partly because when she poses on the red carpet, she looks like you’ve just told her something irritating and unbelievable and she is slapping you with a capsy, “OH REALLY.”

Which was my first thought when I saw her gown — in motion on the telecast it seemed bigger, more unwieldy, more consuming. In the picture it fits her better, but all the hair infringes on it a bit, and I can’t decide if I LIKE the texture or want to mourn the VHS tapes that were murdered to make it.


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Anecdotally, this was sort of strange:

There are a small cluster of pictures of them backstage together (they are married, for people who don’t know or care about Paula Patton and Robin “Alan’s Spawn” Thicke), and she’s hanging on so tight in all of them that it almost looks like she’s accosting him. The dancer in the one-legged pants seems SO uncomfortable. That reads to me as total “GET A ROOM” face, although it could also be saying, “Honey, don’t sweat it so much, you can HAVE HIM.”

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