Allison Williams introduced the final act of the VMAs last night — her bff, Katy Perry, who performed under the Brooklyn Bridge (which did look pretty cool) — presumably because in addition to being Katy’s Person, she also knows all about Brooklyn from…being in Girls? And Jemima Kirke came because…

The racket outside her coven got so loud she thought she might as well go see what was happening? Just a guess.

Allison Williams, on the other hand, looked like she got lost on her way to a meeting at the Aveeno World Headquarters or something:

Am I right? I mean, this dress is quite cute, but it’s also what you wear to meetings to discuss whether or not you’re the right person to start shilling mid-priced eye cream to women in their early 30s. I get that you’re the Uptight Pretty One, but at least bring out something BeDazzled for the VMAs, lady. Sheesh.

[Photos: Getty and WENN]