I’ve said this many times before and I will say it again, but: THANK YOU, VIOLA DAVIS. You are always a restful beacon of elegance at these things. There are actresses who I like very much about whose wardrobe I am always concerned — will So-and-So show up at the Oscars wearing a fruit salad for a skirt? What if Such-and-Such pops up at the Emmys in a sheer jumpsuit? Will You-Know-Who EVER STOP WEARING DIOR?!? — but Viola Davis, who is already the best, continues to also be the best at knowing what looks good on her body and then just…wearing it.  She is not experimenting. She is not doing anyone any favors at the expense of her own appearance. She is not testing the limits of whatever her version of Carte Blanchett would be — although I suspect that if she did, we’d all be like, “I love Viola, so this is fine!” She has great, classic taste. She employs it judiciously. She rarely neglects her accessories. She has a great sense of color and shape. She just…knows what she’s doing. And then she does it. I’d ask if that’s really so hard but…I think the rest of this website would prove that, yes. It is.

[Photo: Getty]