First, and most importantly, I have learned in the process of writing this post that there is a hotel in New York called the NoMo SoHo Hotel (apparently, it has a tiki bar). I am generally content to be at home in Los Angeles during this Fashion Week, as I have a lot of Olympics to watch, but I’m admittedly highly irked that I don’t have the opportunity to go around saying NOMO SOHO HOTEL this week. ┬áThat’s like the Bob Loblaw’s Law Blog of hotel names.

Anyway, that has nothing to do with Victoria Justice’s ensemble, other than the fact that she wore this to that location.

Maybelline New York x V Magazine FW18 Fashion Week Party

And maybe if she’s staying there, she should go upstairs and see if she left the rest of her dress in her room?

[Photos: JOHN NACION/]