So, I am fully vaccinated and am now back out and about more in the world again and let me tell you: I have missed looking at other people’s outfits and also chatting with strangers about our outfits. Never again will I take for granted nice people complimenting my shoes at Trader Joe’s, or the pleasure of telling another women in the bathroom at a bar that her shirt is so cute! Chatting with a friendly stranger about nice things is good for my mental health, apparently! (I don’t know if men are aware of how much women in bathrooms at bars immediately bond with one another. I will never forget making friends with a girl once at the bar at Daddy’s in Hollywood [RIP, it’s now a soulness high rise condo building!] who got sick of waiting for the stall and peed in the sink and all the rest of the women in line were just like OH THAT’S SO HER!!!!! If I recall correctly, I believe she also told me the dude I was mooning over was a doofus and, reader, she was correct.) And the corollary to this is that now there are celebrity women walking around outside again in good jeans and a crisp blazer and I can note that THEY look cute, too, and that’s ALSO a nice change! WELCOME BACK POSH I MISSED PEOPLE WEARING CUTE JEANS.

[Photo by Jose Perez/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images]