It’s the 10th anniversary of the Born This Way album, and so the mayor of West Hollywood decided to make May 23 into Born This Way Day, complete with a ceremony that got Lady Gaga out of the house to accept her honor. I’m pleased to note she’s still a brunette (possibly waiting until the prospect of Gucci reshoots is past her, though I hope she keeps it), and I’m sure everyone there was delighted to see her in some truly Gagaian shit-kicking boots. If it was anyone else, I’d lay odds on whether the tights were planned, or the result of a catastrophic toppling accident. But it’s Gaga, so I assume she actually just called up her stylist and said, “I want to look like I woke up to an intruder, chased him with a lead pipe, and then tripped down my building stairs.” She’s certainly had weirder impulses.

[Photo: Getty]
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