Actors on Actors airs on PBS, and it’s basically a show where two actors sit around and chat about Their Art and whatnot, and please don’t ask me why I find it enjoyable to watch two actors talk but I’m so ANNOYED by celebs interviewing other celebs for print magazines. (I suspect it’s because [a] actors are good at talking, often, but generally not as good as turning out a print interview that is a diverting read, and [b] as a person who writes for print publications, I get annoyed seeing actors jacking jobs from journalists. I wonder if people whose primary gig is to interview actors for TV hate Actors on Actors. Can someone call James Lipton and ask if he’s feeling salty about this?)  Anyway, the dress code for this thing appears to have ranged from Professional/Reasonable to Moderately Crazy to Meghan Markle Superfan.

[Photos:  Katie Jones/Variety/REX/Shutterstock]