People will always wear plenty of Valentino. Always have, even before the onslaught of precious PP Pink, and always will. Even… if one of the outfits makes them look like a blooming flower, if said flower also wore silver sparkly underpants. Honestly, there are some big coat/cape situations here that are okay, but I disliked a lot of it. The inspiration is apparently the global clubbing scene “where fantasies become real,” and Pierpaolo Piccioli praised it all as “quite contemporary.” Sure. Can you tell I think he’s full of himself? Remember the season he accepted everyone’s weepy congratulations for being SO BRAVE about using larger models in couture, and then he didn’t do it again? There are two in here who could be considered non-sample-size, both in very mumsy outfits; a perfunctory effort at best. I guess this show made me cranky! Which is on-point, actually, because the models are, too — slide 56 is next-level sullen.

[Photos: Spotlight]