There is a reason I am not a fashion journalist, and having to analyze fashion shows through the lens of a designer’s stated direction is one major reason why. It’s word salad to me. I can’t do it. Here:

“I wanted the ésprit couture to be clearly felt in the collection,” said Piccioli, “but without any hint of nostalgia or redundancy.” His need for elegant synthesis didn’t come across as a soulless, simplified reduction of codes. Piccioli’s sensibility is way too empathetic for that; he values humanity above all else. He was probably born romantic : “It’s the radical act of having the strength to be who you are; that’s what I mean by romanticism today. It’s a subjective, almost anarchic gesture, assertive of one’s own identity—exactly like punk.”

I mean… sure? That’s actually the part that worked the best for me, but there are a lot more words where those came from. I am a layperson, Pierpaolo, I don’t see radical strength; I see lighting and clothes. Some of which are quite good, though they do feel less Valentino on first glance than I usually would think. Still, I’m grateful to have a site where I can be like, “SHRUG, I don’t know, here’s some new stuff Valentino did that I don’t hate, and the capes are great!”

[Photos: Imaxtree]