I have run through a hundred potential angles on this thing, and all I keep coming back to is that showing up at a ballet opening as the black swan is SO lazy and boring.

Wear this to the VMAs if you want. Wear it to the premiere of the third season of The Newsroom that somehow exists even though nobody was clamoring for it. Wear it to a Natalie Portman-themed Halloween party, and then wear it to bed in the hopes that you will win an Oscar by osmosis. Whatever you need to do. But this is the ballet. Old ladies will be there in, like, Carolina Herrera suits and ball gowns. Blow it out with something big and dramatic, if you want, but it’s just weird to me to dress for the ballet as if you’re in a ballet. Which, in this case, is a little like Swan Lake mated with Clan of the Cave Bear.


Olivia Munn

I feel like this is what you wear to the ballet when you have no intention of staying at the ballet. Of course, she might well have, but do you really want to sit all night in something that will make you look like you’re laying eggs on your velveteen seat?

[Photos: Fame/Flynet]


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