So, y’all: 2016. It’s happening. And the opening few weeks have been jam-packed enough that I wrote up this whole post about an outfit Jessica had already included in a slideshow from the SAGs weekend. It ran on GFY for about nine minutes before we noticed, at which point obviously I yelped and took it down and then whined to Twitter about what a moron I am.

But then we decided, “Well, whatever, why NOT look at it again.” Her SAG dress may have overshadowed it the first time, and it’s HERE, and it’s late in the day for some people. We might as well put it under a microscope.

Chalk this up to a good idea about whose execution I am unsure. Saoirse Ronan could totally pull off a cool suit. She could also pull off a metallic suit and/or a plaid suit, and I’m glad someone is experimenting with edgy ideas here. But IS this actually that edgy? Is it cool? Is it the suit we were looking for, Obi-Wan?

Obviously, she’s at a slight deficit just because she’s in dark clothes in front of a dark backdrop, so it’s very tough to tell WHAT exactly is happening. I’d like to give her either a darker eye or a redder lip. I’d certainly ditch the open-toed shoes with it, or at least, those specific ones, which appear blocky and ’90s in a way that chips away at the ensemble’s polish. Overall, I’m concerned about whether this suit is secretly frumpy. Like, you THINK a metallic plaid suit will be cool, but is the double-breasted cut backfiring on her? Would this have looked better hanging open with a basic shirt or cami underneath? Something is off.

In the light, you can see it’s more silvery:

“… And so THEN I was like, ‘Mr. Clabberbotch, or Bananawings, or whatever you’d like me to call you, don’t worry. Your Atonement character might be a total cad, but I’ve the strongest feeling you’re going to take off soon.’ And he looked me square in the face and said, ‘Elementary, my dear Saoirse,’ and so THAT’S why I’m fairly sure Bubblewitch Candycrush is psychic.”

[Photo: Getty]