It’s not strictly that I OBJECT to looking like a Dalmatian.

I just wonder if there are more flattering ways to DO it. Like, say, actually being a Dalmatian. Take a look at it up close:

Maybe less fuss is the way to go. Imagine if this were just a plain white top of some ilk, maybe a halter, with that belt and skirt. Hard to tell if it would work better, but one thing it would eliminate is our old friend Linebacker Shoulders. All that fabric is making Emma look like an HGH accident. I can’t wait until it’s revealed half of Hollywood is juicing because they misinterpreted exactly what kind of performance that drug enhances.

And now, back in a longer shot, it just looks MATRONLY and slouchy and fussy. That is a tragical trifecta right there. What would you fix? Would you keep the top as-is and tinker with the skirt? Would you keep SOME but not all of the hoo-ha and the whatnot and the general palaver happening up top? Or would you slap on a stole, give her gloves, a dye job, and a cigarette in a holder, tell her either to go full Cruella or go home? Repair it, Fug Nation.