You guys,  I love Tyra Banks. I am not being sarcastic. She is a boss. In addition to Top Model, which was sincerely ground-breaking — full disclosure, Heather worked on it — and on which she was great, she has done THIS: She has somehow finagled the making of a sequel to Life-Size, a extremely mediocre Wonderful World of Disney TV movie that she starred in with Child Lindsay Lohan, in which she plays a doll that Lilo brings to life. You may remember it because it bought us this great gif:


Truly, Tyra Banks has brought the world SO MANY precious gifs.


If you haven’t rewatched the early seasons of ANTM recently, do yourself a favor and do it. They honestly stand the test of time; they are so good. But I digress. I will never not be impressed by Tyra’s work ethic. She decided to get this movie made — a sequel to a random TV movie from 20 years ago! — and so she got this movie made. And once she did that, she COMMITTED TO IT. For example, her look at this premiere is basically her costume from the first film — she just, as is her wont, made it fashion.



Her hair is also FULLY in costume, as you’ll see from these many pieces of evidence I have gathered from her Instagram, which has been a Life-Size 2 MARATHON. We’ve got the new poster:

We’ve got clips from the movie:

We’ve got a fake ad for Eve, the doll Tyra plays:

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Eve is coming back so soon! #LifeSize2

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She LITERALLY RECREATES the gif I just posted up there, in a clip where she plays MULTIPLE roles:

I laughed out loud at this:

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Gettin’ you HYPED for #LifeSize2!

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She has, naturally, recorded a music video (anyone who watched ANTM knows Tyra loves a music video):

Enjoy having that song in your head for the rest of the week.

And because she is a benevolent queen, Tyra has even given us a little Lindsay Lohan (who allegedly turned down this movie. Look, I get why Lilo might pass on being in a Freeform movie, but just IMAGINE the good press she would have gotten. Lindsay, the last time you were in the news, you were sorta trying to kidnap some children. You could have used the PR):

Tyra is doing the most for this, and I could not be more grateful. In a world where so many people are doing the least, a little bit of the most is extremely refreshing.

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