First, a note: Our policy here has been to cover Melania (and other Trumps) when they happen to cross paths with people we do cover regularly, i.e., the royals. (They’ve popped up in Royals Round-Up previously.) I’ve explained many times why we do not cover Melania regularly, so I am going to kindly ask that we not get into that again in the comments — it’s boring for everyone else, and given that we plan to stick with that editorial decision for the time being, it would also be a waste of energy, a precious resource for us all.  We should still have much to discuss! I very much appreciate it, as do I appreciate everyone keeping all the comments cordial in general. Thank you!

ONWARD! The President and Melania Trump arrived in the UK this morning (I think) and are there today, and for a bit of tomorrow. We got all the usual State Visit Shenanigans: Meeting people, shaking people’s hands, putting on outfits and having a big dinner, admiring all the random stuff the Queen has dragged out to show you. (Trump seems like a person who would be interested in seeing the random fancy stuff that super rich people own, and it’s one of the few things that he and I have in common.)

This was a good logistical video of this morning’s meeting at Clarence House. (Trump looks like he is having a great time, honestly; he does love shiny objects, so he’s getting a good dose of that these couple of days.)

This gif is, as the kids say, giving me LIFE:


I also read a piece about the evening’s menu, over at The Mirror. I do love a menu.

Here’s Kate in motion, with her new sash and orders:

No Meghan, as we know, given that she is on maternity leave, and no Harry at the State Dinner either — which is not at all unusual, by the way. Harry hardly EVER comes to State Dinners, presumably because he’s not so high-ranking that his presence is required. (He was present this morning, and I think he’s supposed to have lunch with Trump tomorrow?) I decided Meghan watched the live feed from home and texted Kate commentary throughout. Anyway, even without the Duchess of Sussex — who is probably relieved to skip this one, especially given the Nastygate events of this weekend (although I suspect she feels in good company there) — there is much to discuss: Tiaras! Outfits! The fact that Anne is sitting next to Jared Kushner, who I feel she may have made uncomfortable with the gimlet eye all night long.

Anne 2020!

Note: I know a LOT of people came to this state dinner but I don’t have a ton of pictures of the other ones yet. If I get any, I’ll update the post.

Ah, here’s Tiffany and Ivanka, with Mrs Eric Trump (Lara! I called her Vanessa first but that’s Don Jr’s ex):

I feel like Ivanka looks…okay? That whole look would work better, for me, if she just really leaned into the Carolina Herrera-ness and wore a crisp white blouse. It’s hard to tell what Tiffany is actually wearing, other than diamonds. Lara is pregnant, if you are wondering.

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