It’s not that the Grande Dame herself — the one who stuck a leafy backdrop at the Tonys and ordered everyone in town to style the nominees, so that it would stop offending her delicate sensibilities — doesn’t look good. She does. (Except for the shoes. I don’t know if that’s admirable loyalty to a theme, or just that she isn’t taking her own advice and upping the glam factor on her feet.)  But Bee looks better.

I admire the ease with which Anna can slink around in that sheath, almost as if she’s basking in how far she can get without even appearing to be trying. But, as with the pair of them at the Met Gala, Bee wins this round — and Anna seems perfectly happy for it to be thus. That Marc Jacobs gown is like a colorful and funky homage to cocktail olives, and Bee’s hair and lipstick and regal mien bring the whole thing home. Do we think Anna is trying to shape her spawn into a fashion plate whether Bee wants it or not? If so, it seems to be working.

[Photo: Getty]