Between downloading photos of this collection and preparing to run it, Tom Ford’s husband of 35 years, Richard Buckley, died from what’s being described as “a lengthy illness.” So I wanted to give it a few days. But Ford described this work as “a hopeful collection and at a moment when we all need hope. We need that now more than ever,” and I believe scored it to “Let The Sunshine In,” as an ode to happy days being here again — and there’s quite a poignancy in that, knowing that at home, his husband was nearing the end of a long road of suffering. I left commentary off the slides, but still wanted to show it to you; whether we love it or we don’t, the colors and the sparkle and the shine are a clear plea for brighter days for all of us, just as we all hope they are coming for Ford and his family.

[Photos: Imaxtree]