Things I learned in compiling this collection of photos:

a. Tom Hiddleston does not take fashion risksĀ at all, other than occasionally with color, but he does wear very impeccably tailored suits. Going classic but perfect is a very reasonable stylistic choice, and — impressively — once we get out of the very early years, there is not one look in here that is a dud. He also loves a three-piece.

b. Tom Hiddleston’s co-stars always seem quite delighted to see him on the red carpet.

c. There were lots of photos early on where he looks very schmoopy with the woman he was dating at the time, which makes me think the Taylor Swift thing was legit but also got out of hand in terms of how it was handled by everyone’s PR. (Given Taylor’s verrrrrrry low-key relationship with Joe Alywn, I suspect Lessons Were Learned.) Both those things can be true!

d. If there is a motorcycle at your premiere, Hiddleston will sit on it. In fact, Hiddles loves a prop.

e. Somewhere around 2015, someone taught him that if he doesn’t know what to do with his hands on the red carpet, to shoot his cuffs instead of just clasping his hands behind his back.

f. We’ve got a LOT of lady co-stars wearing outfits you’ve forgotten in here. Enjoy!

[Photos: Shutterstock]