Oh, Timbo Slice. He’s buddying up with Haider Ackermann a bit, and the other most famous wearer of his clothes is SWINTON; in some ways, Timmee does feel like MAN SWINTON, because he’s statuesque and intriguing and will wear even the weirdest stuff. And this is indeed bizarre. It’s one part matador, two parts Target Was Doing A Two-For-One Sale On Its 400 Thread Count Sheets. Because friends, I know that sheen. I have slept atop that sheen, when it was bedecking not the bod of Mr. Chalamet but the boudoir offerings of my local Sit n Sleep.

Tim was really feeling neutrals this week:

Arrivals, Day 7, 76th Venice Film Festival, Italy - 02 Sep 2019

He is at least attempting a suave lean, and it’s helping. He’s working a vibe that combines both Andrew McCarthy and James Spader from Pretty In Pink. (And Molly Ringwald, in terms of his haircut, a bit.) But it’s a lot of taupe. Layer upon layer of it. I can only assume that he, being as colorful as he usually is, must be teeing up something REALLY explosive for his next time out.

[Photos: InstarImages.com]