Cate attended an Armani event somewhere later this evening, albeit in a different outfit, so I’m assuming she was on the hook to rep the brand here as well. As usual, she looks great in the one she chose; it’s very dramatic without being loud, although frankly, I don’t mind when she turns up the visual volume. But it’s all very polished, if also missing some bracelet action. But the hair is confounding me.

Screening of the Joker at the 76th Venice Film Festival

Well, first: THOSE EARRINGS. I think just some very slim light bracelets would have been enough to make her look less bare, but not fight with the pearls on the gown or the cameos on her lobes. But WHY weird, crispy lopsided hairdo? It doesn’t even save itself from behind:

'Joker' premiere, 76th Venice Film Festival, Italy - 31 Aug 2019

Just slick the whole thing back! Or don’t! But your hair should not be the “all of the above” answer on a pop quiz.

[Photos: WENN]