This is not Timothee Chalamet’s first time in pearls; he also wore two different strands for his British Vogue cover and on-camera interview. But it’s the first time — that I know of — that he’s busted them out for an official appearance. Compared to those, these look way more like something his mother inherited than something he got from a stylist (which, to be clear, I don’t know; I’m just saying that’s the vibe). And they honestly also come off like he grabbed them spontaneously on his way out the door, or wore them as a tribute. Because, at the risk of being un-fun — a chance I baldly take multiple times a day on this website — I am not sure this is quite the outfit for them? They fight the sweater’s neckline. But I love him for giving us some different accessories to discuss, beyond pocket squares and ties and the still-only-occasional lapel pin.

Speaking of the sweater:

'Bones and All' film photocall, Hotel De La Ville Terrace, Rome, Italy - 12 Nov 2022

This whole outfit is just MADE to be posterized on a teen’s wall. He looks like a cross between the 2022 version of Judd Nelson from The Breakfast Club (whiff of danger; knows it) and James Spader from Pretty In Pink (rich, popular, not an underdog; knows it). Oh, but with Jon Cryer’s Pretty in Pink hair (leads with his coif; knows it). And Ferris Bueller’s sunglasses (icon to millions, not actually dying; knows it). He wears his choices with immense confidence and authority, and you can totally see why the kids lose their minds over it.

Bones and All Photocall in Rome, Italy - 12 Nov 2022

Seriously, I know people love him as an actor, but his still photos would make great album covers for the next wave of furious and furiously romantic Olivia Rodrigos.

[Photos: Luca Carlino/NurPhoto/Shutterstock, Mario Cartelli/SOPA Images/Shutterstock, Minichiello/AGF/Shutterstock]