The last time the Writers Guild of America went on strike, the Golden Globes became a press conference, where Billy Bush and Nancy O’Dell read out the names of the winners. Drew Barrymore has pulled out of hosting this very weekend’s MTV Movie & TV Awards, likely for similar reasons: These shindigs are union affairs, so the current WGA strike means no monologue, no presenter patter, nothing, unless it’s written by folks who cross the picket line. And she certainly isn’t going to do that. (MTV says they’ve been planning for this and will proceed with a hostless show that accounts for any other absences, but postponing might not be such a bad idea.) The two sides here seem very far apart, so it’s possible this strike will stretch on well beyond June — at which point the DGA and SAG might join them, as they’re also renegotiating — and I hope like hell the writers hold out and get what they need; the unpaid development work done in these “mini-rooms” is extra-galling to me. ANYWAY, if the strike is ongoing, we might not have a Tony ceremony. So let’s say hello to the honorees now, and hope this works out favorably for EVERYONE by June 11.

FYI, the Tonys allowed non-binary and non-conforming performers to choose which category they submitted to, and both the eventual nominees submitted under “actor.” Justin David Sullivan of & Juliet had withdrawn from consideration in February over not feeling comfortable submitting as either “actor” or “actress,” and the Tonys said at the time that they were continuing to figure out how to shift it in the future but that they couldn’t change course in the middle of a season. That’s where it stands for now.

[Photos: Erik Pendzich, John Nacion, Andrew H. Walker/Shutterstock]