Tiffany Haddish’s name has pretty much owned the Internet recently, between raves for Girls Trip and the viral clip of her telling Jimmy Kimmel all about bringing Will and Jada on a Groupon swamp tour in Louisiana. Those interviews generally are set up for comedians to knock them down, but it doesn’t always go according to plan; she is a fantastic storyteller and that’s why it works. It never feels like material. (Of course, she also made some controversial jokes about being willing to work with Bill Cosby, and that was NOT GOOD. I did understand her explanation that when you’re on a string of promo interviews, and you don’t want to give the same sound bites to everyone, sometimes you go off the rails and find yourself in the comedy weeds — interviews are hard, and sometimes it takes reading back what you said to a) remember that you even said it, and b) be like, “Oh my GOD, no, that did not land, what was I doing, why did I not stop talking” — but I still kind of can’t believe that didn’t ring an alarm bell as it came out of her mouth. I’m relieved she didn’t defend the quality of the joke, though. She seemed sincerely to be like, “Yeah, that was bad.”)

Anyhoo, on balance, Tiffany is still one of the winners of the summer of 2017. She wasn’t a household name before; she’s getting there now. She’s probably leapt up the casting short list for film and TV. And she’s at TCAs right now promoting Tracy Morgan’s new show, The Real O.G., and looking very, very cute. Y’all know our catnip is a bright print and a lively lipstick. She even has a bracelet there. Do I wish her feet weren’t sliding off the end of her shoes? Yes. But I’ll take the other pleasures where I can get them.

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