You’ve doubtless read or heard this story a zillion different places by now, but it’s my pleasure to repeat it: Tiffany Haddish lost her father in 2017 — not long after meeting him for essentially the first time — and he had told her he knew she’d get to the Oscars, and when she did, she should honor her heritage. So she wore traditional Eritrean garb for him, and seemed both joyful and emotional about it, in a way that was so infectious. Seriously, even on a night tinged with those kinds of emotions, nobody finds a way to have more fun than Tiffany Haddish.

90th Academy Awards - Arrivals, Los Angeles, USA - 04 Mar 2018

She looks superb, and I love her. She also, on Instagram, exuberantly thanked the person who found her lost purse (from the Essence event on Thursday) and returned it with nary a thing missing, even noting that her maxi pad was still in there. Tiffany and Maya Rudolph were a high point during their presenter banter, and she changed into a familiar dress for it:

90th Academy Awards - Show, Los Angeles, USA - 04 Mar 2018

That is the Alexander McQueen that she wore to the Girls Trip premiere, which she busted out again on SNL while noting that she should be able to rewear whatever she wants, however often she likes, “as long as I Febreze it.” May she always remain an absolute ray of sunlight. And, may she and Maya become the Tina and Amy of next year’s Globes. That one, after all, looks way more fun to host.

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