This is a Polish actress named Magdalena Kolesnik — if you thought it might be Jodie Comer staring directly into the sun and regretting it, you are not alone; I did too at first — and she’s promoting her movie, Sweat, in Spain. And her outfit… just keeps going. It’s an abundance of retro-inflected gingham, like if Half-Pint went to Woodstock. And it REALLY made me conjure Chloe Sevigny. I can so easily see her wearing this to wander through the Village, with thick-white-frame sunglasses. She’d probably also wear it with white boots, and might even have had her tailor sneak up the hem on the pants so that they hit closer to mid-shin. The pandemic has really shone a light on the stalwarts of fashion and fuggery that we hold dear, and my God, am I looking forward to getting Chloe back full-time someday, possibly in this, looking like her Big Love character broke free and started managing a pot farm. Who are the celebs you’re surprised to find yourself missing?

[Photo: Shutterstock]