I must admit that I groaned when I looked up the credit on this dress. It’s Dolce & Gabbana, who are problematic for a variety of reasons (one of which is that Gabbana says something terrible on a regular basis), and who I sort of wish people would give a pass. It also makes me annoyed at myself that I think she looks so good in this. Regardless, I feel like we can take a lot of good lessons from the spirit if not the letter of this, no matter what: A quirky pattern and kicky sunglasses take everyone quite a way.

Unimpeachable as ever, though? (Well, I don’t love the shoes but whatever. You’re a treasure, Angela, and I have started watching 911 just because you telling people they’re going to be fine is relaxing.)

The Rape Foundation's Annual Brunch


[Photo: Nicky Nelson/WENN.com]