Ellie Goulding wore this to something called “Fayre of St James Christmas Carol Concert” at St James’ Church in London — the Brits DO love a Christmas shenanigan, and I look forward to St. James himself appearing to me at some point tonight to scold me for calling this a “shenanigan,” much like the opening of my own A Christmas Carol in which I learn not to be so glib and irreligious all the time. (All kidding aside, this looks like a lovely event and I laughed when I read on the website that they would be screening the World Cup match before the concert.) And while I don’t know if I think she looks festive, I do think she looks good. A bit witchy, very winter-y. Someone I’d go to for a mysterious tincture. But RICH! What a delicious combo.

(Photo by David Fisher/Shutterstock)