In case you missed it, the recap for Sunday’s episode is here! (I thought it was kind of a hot mess. Apparently, fourteen years has not diminished my capacity to make fun of Chris Carter’s dialogue.) That said: This Monster-of-the-Week episode was SO MUCH BETTER, although also quite Creepy-Gross in that classic X-Files way. I understand why they didn’t run this as the premiere…but I also kind of think they could have. (And Darin Morgan wrote next week’s, and it’s apparently a corker, so let’s all just.. hold on.)

Previously: Mulder reminds us that aliens are TRIPPY, that he and Scully had a MiracleAlienBaby and then had to ship him off to a farm (Heather recently pointed out to me that I am currently recapping TWO SHOWS where someone has literally farmed out their child), the X-Files were once closed and are now reopened, and Scully’s probably an alien, which explains why she’s put up with Mulder for so long. (I’m so mean to Mulder now. I’m sorry. I think it’s because the Hot Intense Basketcase Type was super appealing when I was 26, but now seems exhausting. As you guys know, I just want a sensible handsome man who pays the bills in his reading glasses and thinks I am entertaining. I have no desire to chase aliens. I barely even like to go downstairs to get the mail.)

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