Because the Emmys are on NBC, and NBC also has an expensive Sunday Night Football commitment that it places above all else, we are sitting here on a rare awards-show Monday awaiting the start of the red carpet. But the weekend was chock-a-block with parties, and as I grabbed photo after photo from them, I decided to organize them by alphabet — so the people who went to multiple shindigs in multiple outfits could be seen in a row — rather than by event. We begin here with A through H.

Was this a dumb idea? Probably. There are a lot of A names, y’all. But if I can’t get all freaky-experimental on a Monday, then WHEN CAN I, HUH?

I also realized one of these parties might not BE an Emmy party and just happened to take place this weekend. With… Emmy-type people. Let’s count it.

[Photos: WENN,, Rex/Shutterstock]