So, I had to snag photos from as many different spots inside this venue as I could, because the red carpet was black and so was the step-and-repeat, and sincerely SO MANY of the photos just turned into the bottom half being a sea of darkness. It was as if the person’s upper half was rising from a pool of tar, and even clothes with color in them were obscured. WHAT is going on with that decision? Surely we already agreed as a society that this step-and-repeat/carpet combination IS THE PITS and that we wouldn’t do it again??? I want someone to consult a panel of stylists and then put out an academic paper on the most acceptable setups. We cannot let this continue.

[Photos: Jon Kopaloff, Rodin Eckenroth, Monica Schipper, Randy Shropshire, Joe Scarnici/Variety via Getty Images, Kayla Oaddams/Getty Images]