Quick question: Is this dress — versions of which we’ve seen on everyone since it popped up in 2018, including as recently as yesterday! — the most long-lived highly-recognizable item of celebrity clothing of the last ten years? (Not including shoes or bags, obviously.) I think it might be? It’s nearly a staple now and it’s rare for one very identifiable dress to stick around so long. (In looking up the prices for this, I was dismayed to see that a version of it that I love, which Charlotte Riley wore to Meghan and Harry’s wedding, is currently on sale. I don’t have $1500 in Dress Money flapping around the inside of my bag so it’s not like I’m gonna pick it up or anything but it was better for me emotionally when that was just out there in the ether.) ANYWAY. I think some iterations of it work better than others but that this one, frankly, looks pretty great on Minnie, so….carry on.

[Photo by Karwai Tang/WireImage]