Mark your calendars, guys:

We have officially entered Shailene Woodley’s “I’m Walking the Press Line? Guess What: I Don’t Give a Shit” period. It happens to coincide with the “Actually, I Just Ran Out For a Cup of Coffee. In the Rain. And I….Accidentally Ended Up on the Press Line? Do You Guys Buy That?” period and the “I Look Freakishly Like a A Young Lindsay Lohan And You All Only JUST NOW Noticed” period. Look, girl, I know you are Golden Globe nominated and all that, but if Lilo falls out of a window into a bush and decides she can’t continue as Liz Taylor in that surely awful/awesome Lifetime movie that I’m dreading/SUPER excited about, my personal advice is that you step right in. You can do it, right? At any rate, we’d love to see you try.