The Romanoffs is Matthew Weiner’s follow-up to Mad Men, and it’s an anthology-style series about people who are — or believe themselves to be — descended from the famous Russian family. And perhaps being an anthology, rather than episodic, explains why not many of the bolder-face names on its IMDb page turned up in London for the premiere: no Aaron Eckhart, no Christina Hendricks, no Diane Lane, no Kathryn Hahn, no John Slattery, no Radha Mitchell, no Amanda Peet, no Isabelle Huppert, no Griffin Dunne, no Ron Livingston,┬áno Kerry Bishe… It’s probably a lot to haul over to London to promote something you’re only in for an hour, but at the same time… it’s a possibly free, definite tax-writeoff trip to London, y’all. GET IN THERE. Jon Hamm did, and he’s not even on the payroll.

[Photos: WENN]