Olivia Palermo is one of those Famous For No Reason people — she was on The City, with Whitney Port, where she mostly just had great hair, and during That One Year That New York Socialites Were Really A Thing, she famously allegedly wrote this letter to a bunch of other socialites, telling them to be nicer, which was then leaked. (You really need to read that article, by the way. It’s fascinating. I once witnessed one of the people who wrote Socialite Rank fall over a wall onto a runway at Fashion Week and break his arm, at a show that was totally a deathtrap, which is mentioned in the piece. Those were the days for a Fashion Week reporter, you guys. Stuff really happened.) Well, who’s laughing now? OP is the only one that’s ever getting photographed anymore, and she has done a ton of consulting and branding work. Who knows if she’s any good at it, really, but she’s DOING it. She’s also, I must admit, legitimately pretty good at dressing herself. Let’s look at some of the stuff she’s worn lately.

[Photos: Fame/Flynet]