For years and years and years, Claudia Wells — Marty’s girlfriend in the first Back to the Future — lived pretty much anonymously, and suddenly I’ve seen her getting papped SEVERAL times around L.A., sometimes in or near a DeLorean. Listen, we all have to make a living, and times have probably hit her designer resale store pretty hard; being photographed walking to it, and then sitting in front of it, probably works as PR (although ordering up some Armani Wells masks might be even better). But what finally pushed me over the edge here was the outfit. That looks like a perfectly normal sundress that absolutely did not need a denim cummerbund, and indeed, I can’t think of a single outfit that DOES need a denim cummerbund, including a Canadian tuxedo. Maybe… it’s a back brace? Is Levi’s making chiropractic tools as a side hustle? Otherwise, she should hand that off to Doc, because I’m pretty sure he could pop that in the time machine’s incinerator and power it for a week.

[Photo: Shutterstock]