I watched Knives Out: Original Flavor on an international flight recently and it is truly a perfect plane movie (I had seen it previously, when it came out, please don’t worry). It’s so diverting. Everyone is good in it. Chris Evans wears those great sweaters. I had forgotten how funny Toni Collette is as quasi-GOOP. Daniel Craig has that Foghorn Leghorn accent with that serious face. Ana de Armas is great. It’s just a very good ride. (I also watched the new Matrix movie, which was a bit of a mess, I thought, but at least a creative and interesting one.) I have high hopes for the follow-up, in part because the cast is STACKED. I can’t wait for the proper premiere, but for now…this little one will do. Kate Hudson is COMING OUT for this stuff, which I likewise appreciate. I miss Movie Star Kate Hudson (as opposed to Fabletics Impresario Kate Hudson, or Alcohol Magnate Kate Hudson, although I would try her booze if it appeared in front of my face this afternoon). Also, we’ve got Kathryn Hahn literally hugging a tree, and Leslie Odom, Jr. being, you know, handsome.

[Photos: C Flanigan/imageSPACE for/Shutterstock]