The first (no! Second! I forgot about the Elizabeth Taylor one!) Father of the Bride is a delightful movie, but I am all in on Andy Garcia and Gloria Estefan as a couple, and would watch a film where it’s just THEM and we don’t have to spend any time with their kids. It does sound like they have more of a plot written into this one than Diane Keaton/Steve Martin did, but like, I want to see those two on vacation where the rhythm gets them and they do the conga. And then Cher shows up on a helicopter, because all movies should end that way.

In this shot, we have Andy looking like a man who sits in a wing chair every night and puffs on a pipe while reading leather-bound classics; Gloria, dressed as the goddamn gift she is; Diego Boneta and Adria Arjona, the bride and groom, looking on-trend and perfectly nice; Chloe Fineman, in a corset and shoes that don’t go; the director on the left, who might need socks; and cast member Casey Thomas Brown on the right, who absolutely does NOT need socks, but that’s only because he’s apparently wearing shower shoes — which he seems to regret, and rightly — and those should never have socks unless you’re getting your morning paper.

[Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]