Just as I was about to write this, Patti Stanger said — on last night’s Millionaire Matchmaker, not, like, from across the room — “Pancho Villa wants his jumpsuit back.” Patti, I don’t think Pancho Villa ever wore a jumpsuit, but I appreciate that effort. It’s difficult to come up with an appropriate historical jumpsuit wearer at a moment’s notice, I know. Personally, next time you are stuck for that reference, I advise going for noted historical freedom fighter John Travolta.

That being said, I agree with you that a skirt is  almost always better. SEE:

Not terrible-terrible, but wouldn’t it be cuter if it were a dress? As it is, the cut of this, paired with her body, makes her look a bit like she’s about to tip over. Wouldn’t she look less like an animal-flavored ice cream cone if it ended in something that weren’t tapered pants? Let’s take a look from the side:

Girl, WE KNOW.