Ah, Heart Truth. It was always our favorite way to start Fashion Week — I say was, because after the triumph of seeing Liza Minnelli break into “New York, New York,” two consecutive years of weather delays kept us from the event (which is in aid of promoting awareness about heart disease in women), including missing JOAN MOTHERF’ING COLLINS, which is how we learned the universe hates us. This season, the show was moved to the day before Fashion Week’s official beginning, meaning that we were on an airplane on PURPOSE this time and thus didn’t make it there. Given the somewhat lackluster lineup this year — with the resplendent exceptions of Patti LaBelle and Sue Ellen Ewing — we are sort of not that sorry, although it IS sponsored by our One True Love, Diet Coke, and also, Julianne Hough looks a hot truthy heartfelt MESS and I’d have loved to know if it was better in person. Alas. Also, it bears repeating: LABELLE. Seriously. At least click through for her.