This party is fairly new to the NYFW landscape, but it has really become a heavy hitter — everyone comes to this thing. It’s a bit bittersweet for me to write about it; the last time Heather and I covered it (for Cosmo, a couple of years ago), we were crammed into a crazy press scrum right next to our friend Jeff Slonim, who tragically died last year. I can’t remember if that was the last time we saw him, or if we ran into him last year at Christian Siriano, but it’s the last time I really remember seeing him, because we spent two hours standing next to each other and he kept (elegantly) forcing people to give us interviews when they didn’t really want to talk to us. Then we all went inside and Heather got a selfie with Mariah Carey. It was one of the last big, bonkers Holy Shit They Spent a Lot of Money on This Event and All These Celebrities Are Maybe Wasted parties we covered, and it was a good one. (Although I’m not sure if anything will top the time we saw a super drunk Olsen twin go fully ass-over-tea kettle at a party at the Soho Grand. I believe that was also the Fashion Week where Nelly punched someone who stole his seat at Baby Phat and while at the time I was shocked, after a few years I too wanted to punch seat stealers. Fashion Week used to be really fun.  Also dangerous, what with the punching and the time I almost got killed as the paparazzi rushed Lindsay Lohan, or the time the PR girls at Heatherette literally ran away from the crowd, or the time we suffered a near-death experience at Cynthia Rowley. That’s just off the top of my head.)

ANYWAY. Some real choices were made here, and so many people came that I had to break party coverage into THREE different posts. Buckle up!

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