As you know, we are recappingĀ The Crown in GREAT DEPTH for Previously.TV and I encourage – NAY IMPLORE – you to read my recap of this episode there, should you feel the need and desire to do so. [Note: The recaps now live on GFY, since Previously closed.] I had many, many thoughts, such as the following:

I just want to note that I knew this was Matthew Goode merely from the cut of his jib. Impressive, or embarrassing? Please don’t tell me. I would, however, like to sidebar for a moment, before we’ve even seen his face and officially say: MATTHEW GOODE, THANK GOD YOU’RE HERE. The Crown had better deliver the partial nudity and tastefully lit sex scenes that both The Good Wife and Downton so cruelly denied me. And while I’m wishing for things, I also truly hope that this scene ends in Tony Armstrong-Jones crashing said motorcycle into the church to disrupt the wedding, as seen in the classic soap opera Passions — although, technically, that was a car, not a motorcycle, and as far as we know, no one in this ceremony is about to place a poisoned ring on the bride’s finger that will kill her instantly.

But speaking of people who wouldn’t mind the sweet, sweet release of death: Princess Margaret is in attendance, sitting at the back of the church with her mother and looking deeply bored and incredibly irritated and extremely bitter, which seems to be how her face has frozen since her sister ruined her entire life by refusing to let her get married.

But that does not mean that I have expressed ALL my thoughts about stuff people wore and things they put on their walls, and Tony Armstrong-Jones’s AMAZING loft apartment. No, indeed. ALSO: We get our first appearance of the Halo Tiara, which you may recognize from the nuptials of one Catherine Middleton.

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